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Simple Case Study - Silver Fillings

Simple Case Study - Silver Fillings

Have you been concerned about the presence of "Silver Fillings" in your mouth? It is true that "Silver Fillings" do have an amount of Mercury in them along with a number of other metals which makes up the filling. And it is true that Mercury is a known toxin that does cause harm to our bodies. However, there have been arguments for and against the safety of these fillings - we respect your opinion either way. What we do know at our office, is the fact that if you are interested in having your "Silver Fillings" removed, we can almost make it look like that you never had a filling in the tooth to begin with! We do this utilizing, "White Fillings." Below is a case that we completed last week, of a fractured Silver Filling, and this is what you can expect to achieve at our office. Let us know if you have any questions!


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