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The Chipped Front Tooth

The Chipped Front Tooth


The Chipped Front Tooth - 

 We see folks come into our office frequently that have a front tooth that has chipped; mainly right before Christmas photos, their birthday party, a black tie event, etc.  The fact is that it always happens at a very inappropriate time!  Generally, these are easy fixes for a dentist, but one really needs to get to the root of the problem as to why it is happening in the first place.  

Of course, trauma is definitely a reason - biting a piece of string with your front teeth, opening a package with your front teeth, falling and hitting the front teeth on a solid object, etc., but another very real reason remains.  Over time, we see many people come into our office that have habits of wearing their teeth down by grinding, clenching, or having a habit of biting their front teeth together in an unnatural pattern.  This ends up making the upper front teeth very thin and very prone to chipping.  If this is not recognized and resolved, the teeth will continue to chip and become shorter and shorter over time.  

The first step in fixing these small chips is to bond them with tooth colored fillings.  In our office, there are 2 things that have to happen.  One is that they have to be functional and have a good chance at not chipping off and two, they have to look natural and indistinguishable from the tooth structure surrounding it.  This is not an easy feat.  Having advanced training in composite restorations, allows our office to have a high probability of achieving this.  In order to prevent this from further happening and to prevent further damage to the remaining teeth, many times we will prescribe a night guard for our patients to wear in the evening.  

Below are two photos, before and after, of a small chip that we were able to restore with a very esthetic result.  Fillings, such as these, are able to mimic the surrounding tooth by applying tints and characterizations that render them virtually undetectable.  If this may be something that has happened to you and are interested in having our office evaluate your situation, give us a call.  We would be glad to help!  817-812-2082

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